About the Artist

roger_working-1_largeRoger Beck has been an artist most of his life. During the 1970’s at the age of 23, he built his first housecar and headed north to escape Southern California big city life. He would later build three housetrucks–each one larger and nicer than the one before. Roger developed a line of wire jewelry that he sold throughout the Pacific Northwest traveling from one art show to another.

Roger’s life changed after meeting his first wife and starting a family. He parked his 4th housetruck and settled down in Eugene, Oregon. He took a job at a local cabinet shop where he learned the art of cabinet-making. After six years of working for someone else, he set up his own cabinet shop which he has operated for the past 30 years. Cabinet-making may have paid the bills, but Roger never allowed that need to side-track him from being an artist woodworker. Anyone who has ever seen Roger’s cabinets would immediately see the artist in him.

In the summer of 2013 Roger found a place mat he had made years ago. It was made of slices of wood– tiles- arranged in patterns and glued together. Wooden lace.roger_working_blackandwhite-4_large

He had an “aha” moment-” I wonder what else I could make with these tiles?”
So he made more batches of tiles in different woods and different sizes. The tiles were then arranged in patterns and glued together. A steel bowl provided the form for a lamp shade. He’s been experimenting with different shapes and refining the techniques ever since.

His most recent project is the display of intricate wooden lamps you see here today. These lamps contain anywhere from 500 to 1200 individual pieces! No two lamps are alike. Each one is a unique work of art with multiple types of domestic and imported woods used in it’s creation.

Hope you enjoy the results.